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  • Arizona's only copper-ionized chlorine-and-chemical-free therapeutic hot and cold Jacuzzi tubs and pools. World-class massage and other touch therapy modalities available.
  • 20 Calle Iglesia Tubac, AZ 85646 →


Stress Reducing Modalities


Healing Body, Mind, and Soul



MASKS ARE OPTIONAL for clients when entering our office and during treatments.

The massage and hands-on therapists may continue to wear masks at their discretion.

pool booking reservations 

  • Call 520 398-3970 to book.
  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Pool appointments are 2-hour time blocks.
  • Pool and Infrared Sauna appointments are 2.5-hour time blocks.
  • No more than 10 guests will be booked to use the pools at the same time.
  • Everyone must shower prior to entering the pools. Shower facilities are available.
  • Restrooms, sinks, and pool furniture are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Our services


From massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, reiki, watsu aqua therapy, and sound vibration sessions to our in-depth psychospiritual counseling and true soul-healing modalities, Soulistic Healing Center offers a relaxing retreat or a healing respite from the stressful times in which we live.

Soak and swim in our copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free therapeutic jacuzzi tubs and heated lap pool. Enjoy the infrared sauna, or a detoxifying ionic foot cleanse—all great complements to any holistic health and wellness program.

Enhance your overall mental and physical health with FlowPresso®—a breakthrough non-invasive therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 lymphatic & deep sensory treatment with an innovative bodysuit. FlowPresso facilitates the body to repair, recover, and rejuvenate.

Hydro-Pilates™ and Ai Chi-Tai excercise classes offer low-impact strengthening and stretching exercises that incorporate mind-body focus movements from Pilates and Yoga helping to improve range of motion, mobility, and balance.

Sound therapy sessions utilizing tuning forks and the Pythagorean Monochord Chair provide exceptional full-body sound vibrational massage that works on the central and autonomic nervous system, helping to re-energize the body and mind, relieve stress, and uplift the spirit.

We also carry ShamaMystic full spectrum, natural, boutique CBD products. These high-quality healing salves, tinctures, and pain liniment oils are hand-crafted using sacredly sourced local Arizona-grown hemp-derived CBD.

And for deeper soulistic healing, we offer Spiritual Morontia Counseling and Tron Therapy—two exclusive modalities developed over the past 30 years by co-founder and “Soul Surgeon” Van of Urantiadesigned to foster true psychospiritual growth and healing of the body, mind, and soul.

"Healing first begins in the mind, and many diseases of the body first begin with inappropriate thinking."

Van of Urantia, co-founder Soulistic Healing Center
co-author of Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective

Massage & Reflexology

Enjoy a respite from these stressful times.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body.

Flowpresso® Lymphatics & Deep Sensory Therapy

A 3-in-1 therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating innovative body suit promoting detoxifying lymphatic circulation and stress-release. Enhances improved and rapid athletic and stress recovery.

Watsu Aqua Therapy

Deeply relaxing, great for alleviating pain and tension.

Pythagorean Monochord Sound Massage Therapy Chair

40-string birch chair with live harp-practitioner for regenerative sound massage using entrainment of higher octave overtones for profound healing potential.

Pool Services

Enjoy our copper-ionized therapeutic jacuzzi tubs, lap pool, and outdoor infrared sauna.

Detox Therapy Services

Far-Infrared sauna and ionic foot soak
help rebalance, restore, and revitalize.


A Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.

Hydro-Pilates™ Classes

Low-impact strengthening and stretching exercises that incorporate mind-body focus movements from Pilates and Yoga.

Spiritual Morontia Counseling

A psychospiritual modality that addresses personality soul patterns.

Tron Therapy

Energetic Directional Cleansing coordinated with celestial forces and beings used to treat any disease of the body.

Ai Chi-Tai Exercise Classes

Ai-Chi Tai classes combine several bodywork methods, ideal for improving range of motion and mobility while helping with balance challenges.

The Soulistic Experience


Relax. Breathe. Rebalance. Re-energize.

Explore the "Art of Living" at this tranquil refuge offering therapeutic copper-ionized pools and a variety of stress-reducing modalities including massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, FlowPresso 3-in-1 lymphatics and deep sensory treatment, watsu (aqua shitasu), Hydro-Pilates classes, and sound therapy for a holistic integration of the body, mind, and spirit.

Located in the artists' colony of Tubac, Arizona on one of the town's oldest historic sites in the heart of "old Tubac," this destination health resort spa features Arizona's only copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free therapeutic hot and cold jacuzzi tubs, heated lap pool, and infrared sauna.

Van of Urantia
Niánn Emerson Chase




This place exudes peace and mindfulness. Love the open sky view from the pools/deck.

Kathleen Jamsa
IMG Top notch people and facilities… truly a Wonderful place to reset your body and spirit!
Vicky K.
Catherine C.
IMG The Monochord sound chair was amazing! I've never experienced anything like it. I felt the presence of angels

Loved the sauna, cold plunge, and hot tub options. Place is great when it’s not busy.

Grant S.

We have cherished many splendid hours of rejuvenation and re-balancing in the copper ionized pools at the Center. The wonderful mix of four varying-temperature pools engenders healing, introspection, and rejuvenation. It is indeed a rare space for peaceful community. We have enjoyed the company of persons from all life backgrounds who also appreciate the serenity, solace, and security of the site. It is satisfying to witness individuals depart from the property in better spirits than when they arrived.

Rose and Terry Williams, Tucson
IMG For the ultimate rest and relaxation treatments to improve your health and wellness, Soulistic Healing Center offers an incredible an atmosphere managed by experts that will ensure your time is well spent and enjoyed.
Nogales-SCC Chamber of Commerce

The nicest people in the world really providing a service that helps you feel better.

Peter S.
IMG Very clean, helpful therapist
Jennifer T.

Incredible atmosphere, holistic services, privacy and personal care. I am thankful to have this healing center so near by, members of my family have also benefited from these services. This is a true gem for healing, centering and reflection.

Elise G.
IMG What a stellar find! A real hidden gem.

relaxing multiple pools. cold plunge pool was invigorating!

Peggy H.

The Soulistic Healing Center is my favorite place to experience healing modalities and wonderful jacuzzi pools while in the artist community of Tubac, AZ.

The practitioners here are exceptionally experienced, as well as friendly and sympathetic to any health issues you might have.

The jacuzzi pools are truly a gem in the desert and every time I experience them I’m amazed at how my stress dissipates into the healing waters. Another plus of the pool’s copper ionized water is no Chlorine smell or skin dryness after use.

My favorite healing modality here is the unique monochord sound chair therapy. Sitting in the chair with my feet up on an ottoman my body experiences the vibrations of the strings as they are strummed by a practitioner Ardendae and the musical tones bring about a meditative quality at times, as well as a heightened sense of life experiences at others. I’ve experienced two 30 min sessions and one 15-minute.

Each brought about different sensations and thoughts; all provided stress relief.

Give yourself the gift of receiving quality healing experiences here; you won’t be disappointed.

Monet L.
Angela S.